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Contracts programming with Clojure

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I was planning on making a grand announcement about the launch of my Clojure contracts programming library Trammel, but got totally upstaged by something called Clojure/core. ^_^

While researching for The Joy of Clojure I eventually came by a few books about the Eiffel Programming Language and was blown away by its notion of design by contract©. I've posted before about Clojure's pre- and post-conditions but didn't take it to the next step until chapter 7 of JoC -- which forms the basis for Trammel. At the moment I have only the base form contract returning a higher-order function that can then be partially applied to an existing function to "apply" a contract:

(def cheese-contract
  (contract cheese
    (= x :cheese)

    (string? %)
    (= % "cheese")

    [x y]
    (every? #(= :cheese %) [x y])

    (string? %)))

(def do-something 
      ([x] (name x))
      ([x y] (str x y)))

(do-something :cheese)
;=> "cheese"

(do-something :foo)
; java.lang.AssertionError: Assert failed: (= x :cheese)

(do-something :cheese :cheese)
;=> ":cheese:cheese"

(do-something :cheese :ham)
; java.lang.AssertionError: Assert failed: 
;    (every? (fn* [p1__6079#] (= :cheese p1__6079#)) [x y])

Anyway, Trammel is in its infancy but I think that I have a nice springboard for experimentation and expansion, including:

  1. Abstracting out the use of partial done
  2. Better error messages
  3. Distinct pre and post exceptions
  4. An all-in-one defn/contract done
  5. Study the heck out of everything Bertrand Meyer ever wrote (in progress)
  6. Choose better names than :requires and :ensures
  7. Type invariants
  8. defconstraint -- with ability to relax requires and tighten ensures
  9. Implicit arguments for isolated function.

If you have any ideas or interesting references then I would be happy to discuss.



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