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Change Log

Gustavo Lara edited this page May 15, 2018 · 16 revisions


  • Fixed to work with LÖVE 0.11
  • Fixed images 404ing in README and Wiki


  • Fixed issue #19
  • Fixed tooltips not showing on scaled GUI
  • Fixed some ugly pixels when using gooi.roughShapes() (new function)
  • Fixed tooltip not hiding after moving the mouse (function love.mousemoved(x, y, dx, dy, istouch) gooi.moved() end is needed for this)
  • Fixed global declaration of x, y, w and h in component functions
  • Fixed some visual issues on Android
  • Added property big (boolean) to dialog builders
  • Added gooi.vibrate([seconds])
  • Property style.innerRadius is back for more shapes
  • Some code refactoring here and there
  • A few visual changes


  • Background image for components with component:setBGImage(string|Image)
  • Changed curves resolution from 50 to 25 (helps performance)
  • Added :getText() function on text fields
  • Radius and innerRadius are now love.window.toPixels(3)
  • borderWidth is equals to love.window.toPixels(2)
  • Some visual fixes in Grid layout
  • Small visual change in Progress Bars


  • Builders need a table now, including dialogs, this is not valid anymore: gooi.newButton('Text')
  • This is valid now: gooi.newButton({text = 'Text'})
  • Several visual modifications
  • Bootstrap 4 styles (primary, success, etc.)
  • Added support for cursor movement in text fields
  • Added gooi.mode3d()
  • Added
  • Added gooi.shadow()
  • Added Button:left()
  • Added Button:center()
  • Added Button:right()
  • Added Label:left()
  • Added Label:center()
  • Added Label:right()
  • Removed Label:setAlign() and Button:setAlign()
  • Removed mode2d and glass properties from the style object
  • CheckBox text outside of component when not w is given
  • RadioButton text outside of box when not w is given
  • Added gooi.keyreleased(key, scancode)


  • Added multiline labels
  • Added multiline buttons
  • Modal improvements
  • Joystick improvements
  • Fixed: apply style to children when applying to panel


  • Added Joystick:noScaling()
  • Added Joystick:anyPoint()
  • Added Panel:debug() for grid panels
  • Global padding in layouts is now in layout.padding
  • Default font size = love.window.toPixels(13)
  • Default tooltip font size = love.window.toPixels(11)
  • Default Joystick size = love.window.toPixels(72)
  • Fixed individual style font issue
  • Fixed chained modals functionality
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