Amethyst provides Ruby-like syntax for Perl
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Amethyst provides Ruby-like syntax for Perl. The aim of the project is to let programmer use most CPAN modules, but with clean, functional and object-oriented Ruby way.

How well it works?

The code is meant as proof of concept, if you use it in production you're a crazy person (also you're awesome!).

There are many problems with this approach, including:

  • Perl does not differentiates between String and Integer. We must hack a lot, as we don't want a MagickStringAndIntegerAtTheSameTime class Maybe we should embed every scalar in Amethyst::String / Amethyst::Integer classes ?
  • List and scalar context - ouch. As a rule, all variables in Amethyst are scalars, so Array variables are merely references to Perl Arrays. I think using *x here and there should provide most of the bridging needed.
  • Namespacing is completely different in Perl and Ruby. Some technically-sound middle-ground must be found.
  • Implementing Lexical scoping will be difficult, especially with this ad-hoc text-only approach to code generation.
  • Exceptions ... ouch


To test, run:

$ ./ examples/

For parser or compiler steps only:

$ ./ examples/
$ ./ examples/

To learn how to use Amethyst look at examples/ directory. There's no other documentation.

It's a one-liner quality code. There's no error detection/correction. On parse errors, the parser ignores the rest of the code, and doesn't even say something went wrong. It may randomly blow at you.

Dependencies needs Data::Dump module from CPAN to pretty-print ASTs. Amethyst itself doesn't have any external dependencies.


Do whatever you want as long as you preserve attribution. (for longer legalese take any MIT/BSD license)


If you have any questions, contact me: Tomasz Wegrzanowski