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ruby-gmp is library providing Ruby bindings to GMP library.
Only GMP 4 or newer is supported.

It provides module GMP with following classes:
        GMP::Z - infinite precision integer numbers
        GMP::Q - infinite precision rational numbers
	GMP::F - arbitrary precision floating point numbers

Numbers are created by using new().
Constructors can take following arguments: GMP::Z initializer) GMP::Z initializer, any GMP::Z initializer), precision=0), precision=0), precision), precision=0), precision=0), precision=0),  precision=0)

You can also call them as:
todo	GMP.F(args)

Provided methods;
    GMP::Z, GMP::Q ani GMP::F
	+			addition
	-			substraction
	*			multiplication
	to_s			make string from object
	-@			negation
	neg!			change object into its negation
	abs			absolute value
	asb!			change object into its absolute value
	coerce			promotion of arguments
	==			equality test
	<=>,>=,>,<=,<		comparisions
    class methods of GMP::Z
	fac(n)			factorial of n
	fib(n)			nth fibonacci number
	pow(n,m)		n to mth power
    GMP::Z and GMP::Q
	swap			efficiently swap contents of two objects,
				there is no GMP::F.swap because various GMP::F
				objects may have different precisions,
				what would make them unswapable
	add!			addition and addition to self
	sub!			substraction and substraction from self
	tdiv,fdiv,cdiv		truncate, floor and ceil division
	tmod,fmod,cmod		truncate, floor and ceil modulo
	[],[]=			testing and seting bits (as booleans)
	scan0,scan1		(check GMP manual)
	com			2-complementation
	com!			change object into its 2-complementation
	&,|,^			logical operations - and, or, xor
	**			power
	powmod			power modulo
	even?			is even
	odd?			is odd
	<<			shift left
	>>			shift right, floor
	tshr			shift right, truncate
	lastbits_pos(n)		last n bits of object, modulo if negative
	lastbits_sgn(n)		last n bits of object, preserve sign
	power?			is perfect power
	square?			is perfect square
	sqrt			square root
	sqrt!			change the object into its square root
	root(n)			nth root
	jacobi			jacobi symbol
	legendre		legendre symbol
	nextprime		next *probable* prime
	nextprime!		change the object into its next *probable* prime
	to_i			convert to FixNum or BigNum
	remove(n)		remove all occurences of factor n			
    GMP::Q and GMP::F
	/			division
	num			numerator
	den			denominator
	inv			inversion
	inv!			change object into its inversion
	floor,ceil,trunc	nearest integer
    class methods of GMP::F
	default_prec		get default precision
	default_prec=		set default precision
	prec			get precision
	floor,ceil,trunc	nearest integer, GMP::F is returned, not GMP::Z
	floor!,ceil!,trunc!	change object into its nearest integer
    GMP::F (only if MPFR is available)
	exp			e^object
	log			natural logarithm of object
	log2			binary logarithm of object
	log10			decimal logarithm of object
	log1p			the same as (object + 1).log, except for better precision
	sqrt			square root of the object
	cos			\
	sin			|
	tan			|
	acos			|
	asin			|
	atan			| trigonometric functions
	cosh			| of the object
	sinh			|
	tanh			|
	aconh			|
	asinh			|
	atanh			/
	nan?			\
	infinite?		| type of floating point number
	finite?			|
	number?			/
	**			power
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