A refactoring branch for MIT OpenBlocks
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OpenBlocks refactoring branch

This is a fork of MIT OpenBlocks (covered by the MIT license) for refactoring purposes.

The principal objective of the fork is to make the code more amenable to inclusion to other projects.

Getting Started:

$ mvn clean package
$ mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="edu.mit.blocks.controller.WorkspaceController" -Dexec.args="support/lang_def.xml"

To do:

  • upgrade code maintainability from the academic baseline to the commercial baseline
  • replace static singletons with contexts and instances
  • separate the model from the UI


  • move the various project packages from the main namespace to under the edu.mit.blocks package
  • refactor out functionality such as network communication
  • remove dependency to TableLayout, which doesn't appear to be actively maintained, and really not even used in a very complex manner


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