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项目介绍 Introduction

本项目管理针对中文用户的Kodi插件库。This project is an repository for open source Addon scripts, plugins, and skins for Kodi Media Center. Specially for Chinese Language speaking people.

使用帮助 How To Use

安装插件库 Install Repository

安装本插件库,按照使用的Kodi版本下载相应zip安装包 To install the repository, you need to download the latest repository zip file

然后 And then:

  • 进入Kodi系统 Launch Kodi
  • 选择 系统-设置-插件 Navigate to System | Settings | Add-ons
  • 选择 从zip文件安装 Select Install from zip file
  • 浏览目录找到刚下载的zip安装包 Browse to the directory where the new downloaded zip file is being stored.
  • 选择 确定 Select OK

Kodi的中文显示设置步骤如下 For proper Chinese text display on Kodi, do the following steps:

  • 进入Kodi系统 Launch Kodi
  • 进入 系统-设置-外观-皮肤 Navigate to System | Settings | Appearance | skin
  • 设置皮肤字体为“基于Arial” Change skin-font to "Arial based"

安装插件 Install Add-ons

  • 点击 从库安装 Click Get Add-ons
  • 选择中文插件库 Select Chinese Add-ons Repository
  • 选择你要安装的插件 Select the appropriate Add-ons from the display categories
  • 点击安装插件 Click to install the Add-on

手动安装插件 Plugins Manual Installation

  • 本项目所有中文插件的安装包保存在repo子目录下。Official releases of all the Chinese plugins can be found in the ./repo sub-directories.

如果你想手动下载而不是通过插件库安装单个插件,可以从repo子目录中找到相应zip安装包,下载并从zip文件安装插件。If for reasons that you need to manually install a specific plugin, you can download the required zip file from the corresponding ./repo sub-directory. Then follow the ** Install Repository ** steps described above to install the zip plugin.

插件功能 Features

视频插件 Video Add-ons

  • 哆啦搜索 - - 哆啦搜索视频插件(new)
  • 韩剧视频 - - 韩剧视频Kodi插件(new)

音乐插件 Music Add-ons

程序插件 Program Add-ons

字幕插件 Subtitle Add-ons

  • - service.subtitles.assrt - Search and download subtitles from
  • Shooter - service.subtitles.shooter - Shooter subtitle service
  • zimuku - service.subtitles.zimuku - Search and download subtitles from
  • zimuzu - service.subtitles.zimuzu - Search and download subtitles from


Addon scripts, plugins, and skins for XBMC Media Center. Special for chinese laguage.







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