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TaxJar Developers

Developer portal for TaxJar, powered by Middleman. Our v2 API docs are hosted on a separate repo to keep things organized and located at /api.

Getting Started

Clone the repo and simply run the following command:

bundle install && bower install

This should install the Ruby and Bower dependencies you need to get up and going.


To develop and preview the documentation locally, use the following Middleman command:

middleman server

This will watch for changes and compile them on the fly.


To write a new blog article, use the following shortcut via Middleman:

middleman article "My Article Title"

Open the generated Markdown file and use the frontmatter template below:

title: Handling Sales Tax with Stripe
description: Learn how to add sales tax to charges and subscriptions in Stripe along with a Rails example for calculating sales tax using SmartCalcs.
author: jake_johnson
date: 2015-12-14 00:11 UTC
category: Stripe
tags: smartcalcs, stripe, api 
published: true

If you're a brand new author, update data/authors.json with your name, avatar, and Twitter account.

For new categories you'll also want to update data/categories.json.


To deploy to S3, you'll need to have your .env file set up with the appropriate credentials and run the following commands:

middleman build && s3_website push