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Magento 2 Sales Tax Extension by TaxJar

Simplify your sales tax with live checkout calculations and zip-based backup rates from TaxJar.

To get started, check out our M2 extension guide!

Getting Started

Download the extension as a ZIP file from this repository or install our module with Composer using the following command:

composer require taxjar/module-taxjar

If you're installing the extension manually, unzip the archive and upload the files to /app/code/Taxjar/SalesTax. After uploading, run the following Magento CLI commands:

bin/magento module:enable Taxjar_SalesTax --clear-static-content
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:di:compile

These commands will enable the TaxJar extension, perform necessary database updates, and re-compile your Magento store. From there, you'll want to run through the pre-import checklist and set everything up using our extension guide).


To run our integration tests for checkout calculations, clone the repository into your local instance of Magento 2. You'll need an active TaxJar API token (preferably a test account) to run these tests.

git clone app/code/Taxjar/SalesTax

Backup or rename your existing phpunit.xml under dev/tests/integration. Copy the phpunit.xml file in the TaxJar module under app/code/Taxjar/SalesTax/Test/Integration:

cp app/code/Taxjar/SalesTax/Test/Integration/phpunit.xml dev/tests/integration/phpunit.xml

Rename install-config-mysql.php.dist to install-config-mysql.php under dev/tests/integration/etc. Make sure Magento has access to a MySQL database for running integration tests.

Copy Test/Integration/credentials.php.dist to credentials.php in the same directory and add your TaxJar API token:

cp app/code/Taxjar/SalesTax/Test/Integration/credentials.php.dist app/code/Taxjar/SalesTax/Test/Integration/credentials.php

Finally, run the TaxJar test suite using PHPUnit:

vendor/bin/phpunit -c ~/OSS/magento2/dev/tests/integration/phpunit.xml --testsuite “Taxjar”

Notice that the configuration flag should include the full path to phpunit.xml.


TaxJar's Magento 2 module is released under the Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0).


If you find a bug in our extension, open a new issue right here in GitHub. For general questions about TaxJar or specific issues with your store, please contact us after going through our extension guide.