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These events will be fired during dragstart/dragend on every dropzone the draggable would be accepted and fixes #54.

I Also added an example page demo/dropzones.html to demonstrate a proper use case.

@mikekloeden mikekloeden Add dropactivate and dropdeactivate events
These events will be fired during dragstart/dragend on every dropzone the draggable would be accepted.
taye commented Aug 3, 2014

Wow, thanks for all the work. Unfortunately, I can't accept all of this implementation. I've been working on refactoring and fixing bugs in the drop-related code and a lot of your changes would no longer apply.

I'd happily accept ./demo/dropzones.html if it were in a separate commit and the indentation were 4 spaces (splitting it into 3 files - html, css and js - would also be nice but one file is ok). The only changes in ./interact.js that wouldn't cause conflicts are the changes to event binding at lines 360, 3036 and 3042. I can't take the other changes.

If you'd still like to help, I'll let you know when I've finished the refactor (should be very soon) and outline the points of improvement so that you can implement the new events with those.

taye commented Aug 3, 2014

I'd happily accept ./demo/dropzones.html if it were in a separate commit and the indentation were 4 spaces...

When I saw lines 68 onwards of the file, I thought that you had been using 8 spaes for indentation throughout the file. I see now that you just indented twice there. Reducing that by one level would be more consistent with how I've done it in other places but I don't mind leaving the indentation as it is.

mikekloeden added some commits Aug 3, 2014
@mikekloeden mikekloeden Fix dropzone demo
Tidy up HTML by moving CSS and JS to separate files and fix indentation levels.
@mikekloeden mikekloeden Keep non conflict changes
Remove dropactivate/dropdeactivate logic but keep event bindings for the new events.

Thanks for your feedback! No problem, I tidied up the demo page. Furthermore I removed everything despite the event bindings for the new events (as you said they won't cause any problems).

I kept my changes regarding the new events in a separate branch now.
So I hope my current master branch looks good now?

Sure, I would like to help if you finished your drop refactoring.
Just give me a hint when you are ready and a short note where I have to look, so I can implement the new events.

@mikekloeden mikekloeden Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
* upstream/master:
  Fix the options test
  Update tests for gesture events to be less broken
  Remove trailing whitespace
  Make a small change to avoid a jshint warning
  Fix interact.isSet
  Update 'pointerWasMoved' even with no 'prepared'
  Fix Interactable#preventDefault
  Record Touchevents in addition to PointerEvents
taye commented Aug 4, 2014

I've merged #61 so if you merge my master branch into this, you can work on the (de)activate events with the cleaner code.

Line 2376: if you want to create the events in getDropEvents, then dragMove would probably need to pass starting as the second parameter.

activeDrops contains all the possible dropzones and the elements.

activeDrops     = {
    dropzones: [],      // the dropzones that are mentioned below
    elements : [],      // elements of dropzones that accept the target draggable
    rects    : []       // the rects of the elements mentioned above

activeDrops.dropzones repeats dropzones if they have multiple elements. activeDrops.elements repeats elements if they match selectors of multiple dropzones.

Identical dropzones are all adjacent in the dropzones array. When iterating through and firing events for each dropzone, you could compare the current dropzone interactable to the previous one and create a new event if they are different.

Those are my tips. Feel free to do it however you think is best :).

mikekloeden added some commits Aug 4, 2014
@mikekloeden mikekloeden Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/master'
* remotes/upstream/master:
  Tidy and compact getDrop
  Fix a bug in the default Interactable#getRect
  Add and use the 'getDropEvents' function
  Try again to fix dynamicDrop
  Collect possible and actual drops separately
  Fix the 'dynamicDrop' setting
  Combine checks for selector and element dropzones
  Add element argument to Interactable#getRect
  Reorganise the process for getting drops
  Fix enter/leave with same draggable and dropzone

@mikekloeden mikekloeden Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
* upstream/master:
  Add snap actions array to docs
  Add 'interact.js' and 'drag and drop' keywords
@mikekloeden mikekloeden Trigger dropactivate and dropdeactivate events 4506610
@mikekloeden mikekloeden Improve dropzone demo to show more scenarios
Setup dropzones with different accept options.
Highlight draggable if it can be dropped.
Add a draggable that can't be dropped.

I extended the getDropEvents method to return an activate and deactivate event if appropriate. Also a new parameter starting was added (as you already mentioned) to check if the drag just started.

To fire the new events on all active dropzones I created a new fireActiveDrops method which gets an InteractEvent as a parameter. It loops through all active dropzones and checks if the current dropzone element wasn't already processed.
Then the is set to the current dropzone element and the event is fired on the dropzone interactable.

I hope it was fine to introduce a new private method, because the logic for both events is exactly the same besides the event to be fired.
If the name doesn't fit into your naming convention feel free to change it :)

Last but not least I updated the dropzones demo.

@mikekloeden mikekloeden Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
* upstream/master:
  Pass pointer event to getDropEvents
  dropCheck argument

taye commented Aug 7, 2014

Beautiful! fireActiveDrops is great and the updated demo is very nice.

@taye taye merged commit 1bc60d2 into taye:master Aug 7, 2014
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