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PDO ile geliştirilmiş kullanımı kolay veritabanı sınıfıdır.
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BasicDB Class for PHP

Description: BasicDB is a class to teach and use PDO and OOP, using abstract classes, interfaces and adapters. It simplifies also PDO usage.


  • BasicDB Class to simplify PDO
  • Crudable Adapter
  • Add, Edit, Index, View, Delete Adapter methods

Other things to include:

  • Technology stack: PHP, Composer, PHPUnit should exits
  • Things to do: Complete Doccomments.
  • Status: Very very Alpha CHANGELOG.
  • Links to production or demo instances
  • No demo.


  1. Clone repository
  2. Composer Install
  3. (Optional) ant build


For testing purposes you should create a test database and add credentials to test files.


See examples doler.

How to test the software


Known issues

No issues yet

Getting help

Feel free to mail

Getting involved

You can fork this package.

Open source licensing info

  1. TERMS

Credits and references

I already gave credits above but, you can check;

  1. Tayfun Erbilen
  2. Midori Kocak
  3. Open Source Project Template
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