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This repo contains notes from Dan Abramov's excellent Redux video series.

These notes contain a lot of verbatim transcriptions, along with additional rewrites, links, etc. that have been added along the way. Feel free to submit additions to these notes, but please don't remove anything (unless we messed up or misunderstood something).

Some of these documents contain multiple sections, but the majority are "one doc per vid" (there are 30 videos covered in 25 pages). Each section contains a link to the video, and towards the end of the series, timestamped links to Dan's "what we just did" recaps at the end of each lesson have been added.

For a working final product of these lessons, visit @sadams' todo-redux-react-webpack repo.

Feel free to submit a PR!


npm i -g gitbook-cli
npm install
gitbook install
gitbook serve


Notes (and partial transcription) of Dan Abramov's Redux course videos on



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