Automated mood-based soundscape generator
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MoodScape Generator

Interactive version of the tool available at:

Running from local machine: The files required to run the tool are freesound.js audioengine.js MoodScapeGenerator.html ANEW2010All.txt slider.css

In order to host the file, the file should be in the same folder as the JavaScript and the HTML files. On the terminal or console at that folder, the Python command python –m http.server should be used for Python 3. For versions of Python below Python 3, the command is python –m SimpleHTTPServer. Upon opening the browser, in the address bar the following should be entered;

Localhost:Port_number/Name_of_HTML_file_to _run

In this case:


In the supporting files, there also exists a file called SearchBox Version.html. This is the version compared against the MoodScape_Generator in the user study. This file is only for User Study/Evaluation purposes only. It is included in the supporting materials to provide an example of the second tool that the users are presented with in the study.