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a particle creator app for iPad

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CocoParticle is intended to be used by Cocos2d app developers who want to create particles for their apps.

* supports every particle system property of Cocos2d
* imports png files for use as the "particle"
* exports particles as a plist to your Drop Box, which you can use to create a Cocos2d particle system

Right now the app is setup as a UISplitViewController where the left (small) pane is a native UIView where you manage the particles.
The main pane is a Cocos2d view where the particle is displayed.

* bug with particle list name, it reads it from a different row for some reason when you create a new particle, but when you refresh the list it picks up the correct name, gotta dig into it

* need a randomize button

* need better default values

* added support for "all particles the same color", so if you have a random color and this is turned on, instead of each particle being a random color, they will all be the same random color
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