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Django Doc Wiki

This is an extremely simple, document based wiki that can read and update
its contents from a given directory. It's meant to be used with a source 
control system that versions the files separately. Currently no web editing
interface is included, it's just an easy way of displaying a bunch of markdown
formatted files in a directory.

Its features include:

- Detect new files (through a cron job, script included) and updates to 
  existing ones, remove deleted files

- Support for Markdown formatting, SmartyPants and Pygments syntax highlighting
  (Markdown and SmartyPants included, Pygments should be installed separately)

Planned features for the next releases:

- Support for subdirectories

- Displaying additional version data per file

- Editing and adding new files, pushing them to the repository (only Git will
  be supported)


Simply include 'doc_wiki' in your INSTALLED_APPS to enable it. Add an entry to
your `urls.py` to add it under any path:

    (r'', include('doc_wiki.urls')),

To determine where it should read its content from, use the DOC_WIKI_DIRECTORY_PATH
parameter in your `settings.py`.