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A jQuery plug-in that provides tools for namespacing and a base class for object oriented programming
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jQuery Class Plug-in

This plug-in combines a few tools for building JavaScript applications that
use proper namespacing and object oriented methodology.


namespace method provides an easy to ensure the required namespace and all its
parents are already there. It takes a single argument, a full path to the
required space, separated by dots. This call will check to make sure all 
spaces given exist, and if they dont, it will create them:


You can combine the namespace method with jQuery's extend, to quickly populate
a namespace or add new values to it:

    $.extend($("core.ProjectName.AppName"), {
        media_path : "",
        init : function() {


Class is a base class implementation by John Resig. This is simply a copy of
his solution for object oriented JavaScript applications. More info can be
found on his web site:

Usage is very simple, you just extend the base class:

    core.AppName = $.Class.extend({
        init : function() {

init function is called whenever the class is instantiated.

Function Binding

This plug-in also adds a bind method to all functions so they can be passed
around without being called, while maintaining their scope. This comes in 
handy when you are using the base Class and would like to stay in your 
instance's scope:

        url : "/path/to/processor",
        type : "POST",
        success : this.parse_results.bind(this)

In this case, when the parse_results method is called, the "this" argument
will still point to the current scope.

Array indexOf Method

This plug-in also "patches" Internet Explorer to make sure it provides an
indexOf method for arrays. This is a missing feature that was never implemented
by Microsoft.
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