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My vim configuration. I put all of this in $HOME/.vim. I then make a link from
$HOME/.vim/vimrc to $HOME/.vimrc
The rest is pulled from vimrc... It will always have the most up-to-date info,
so check it rather than this README for details and references.
Based on many different vimrc files including the one from as
well as
Uses many plugins including
FuzzyFinder_Textmate -
FuzzyFinder -
taglist.vim -
Buffer Explorer -
NERD Tree -
rails.vim -
vim-ruby -
rubycomplete -
vim-cucumber -
SuperTab -
Git Branch Info -
Gist.vim -
tComment - Add comments to code -
cucumber.vim - syntax etc for cucumber step and feature files
git-commit - format commit text to something a bit nicer for terminals...
Also see
specky - (RSpec integration)
gitdiff -
Python menus and syntax
"*p to paste from system copy buffer
use ^P/^N in insert mode to complete words
^] to jump to tags
^W s,^W v - split windows
gt/gT switching between tabs (or use mappings below)
f<letter> / t<letter> - jump to next letter or before letter
gv - highlight last visual
gg=G - Indent the whole file
Jump to Line
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