My Final Project for a 12-week intensive coding course at General Assembly in San Francisco.
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The EnGauge App is a web app for teachers to monitor student comprehension in near real-time. Teachers create a new lesson, share a unique URL with their students, and watch as an animated chart displays and updates the class aggregate data. Students can submit feedback on a scale of 0-5 to report how comfortable they feel about the lesson material.

This app was built from scratch in one week as my final project of a 12 week coding course at General Assembly in San Francisco. As an exercise in coding, my goal was to build a “realtime” app that updated data dynamically with interesting data visualization. I also wanted to practice writing Javascript and Coffeescript and learn a new front-end framework (AngularJS), while building on my foundation in Ruby and Rails. Lastly, I hoped to fulfill a need demonstrated in General Assembly's classrooms, to monitor student comprehension and engagement both during and after lectures.

See the app in action at: To run the app locally, fork and clone this repo, bundle install, start a rails server and open at localhost:3000

Technologies Used:

  • AngularJS

  • Coffeescript

  • Javascript

  • Ruby on Rails

  • PostgreSQL

  • Raphael

  • JQuery

  • JustGage (

  • Devise

  • Angular UI Bootstrap

  • Twitter Bootstrap 3

  • long polling

  • Heroku

Notes on Version 1 (June 26, 2014): There are a few features that are not yet functional, which I will deploy in the coming weeks.

  • ACCESS CODES: There is not yet a feature to ask for and verify an access code. Anyone with the url can score that lesson.

  • LIMIT: There is currently no validation on the limit of scores that students are allowed to submit per hour

  • EXPIRATION: There is currently no validation on the expiration date (that the expiration date is later than today and later than

the lesson date; the expiration date does not prevent a user from submitting scores)

  • COMMENTS: I would like to allow each score to be submitted with a comment, required for scores under 2 and optional for scores greater than 2.

  • Testing: I plan to add Rspec and Jasmine tests

  • Refactoring: I realize that I need to DRY up my code and separate concerns in my angular controllers.

Please try my app and comment with suggestions!