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This is my command line environment. If you think you might want to use it, I suggest reading the files and taking ideas rather than copying them directly.


The best amount of configuration is the least amount of configuration. Anything that works properly by default stays that way.

I should be able to clone this directory and be productive in less than 10 minutes.


I'm going to assume you are doing this on a new OSX install.

  1. You'll want to download Xcode. Go to the App Store and do that. Make sure to do any OSX updates while you're at it.
  2. Install the Xcode Command Line Tools. You can do it through Xcode preferences.
  3. Next you'll generate an ssh key. Your own personal key to the internet. You know the drill.
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C
  1. Go ahead and add this key to your GitHub profile.
  2. You'll need Homebrew. Go to their website to install it - I think
  3. Clone this repository (recursively) into your $HOME and check it out. Pretty cozy in here.
  4. Install all the brews that are listed. You can use some fancy unix to do it:
brew install $(cat ~/.files/brews.txt | tr "\\n" " ")
  1. Install brew cask and install the applications listed here:
$ brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask
$ brew cask install $(cat ~/.files/casks.txt | tr "\\n" " ")
  1. I'd tell you that there's some fancy way to link every dotfile here at once, but there really isn't a good way. Do it by hand:
cd ~
# vim
ln -s .files/vim/.vimrc .
ln -s .files/vim/.vim .

# bash
ln -s .files/bash/.bashrc .
ln -s .files/bash/.bash_profile .

# git
ln -s .files/git/.gitconfig .
  1. Open the solarized.terminal file in /osx.

You're good to go! You might want to think about installing ruby with ruby-install.