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m2eclipse-scala is a work in progress to ease integration between m2eclipse and scala-ide for eclipse.


  1. install m2eclipse
  2. install m2eclipse-scala, by dowloading the lastest version of the plugin into your eclipse/dropins directory
  3. Eclipse : File > import > maven > Existing Maven Project ...

Working configuration

The plugin is "valitaded" by importing into eclipse the samples projects :



  • fix critical bug about detection/activation of scala (plugin, nature) => 0.2.0 useless


  • should work with lift-archetype-basic 2.0-scala280-SNAPSHOT (new sample project added)
  • support current and futur ids of scala-ide, select from the installed plugin (ch.epfl... and org.scala-ide....)


  • reintegration to sonatype repository


  • use assembla as "project host" to be under Scala-IDE umbrella
  • re-do tycho configuration (to build on any box)
  • rename directory
  • generate update-site via tycho
  • align groupId/artifactId to m2eclipse-extras


  • include a workaround to run JUnit test, but right-click on JUnit test doesn't propose 'Run as unit test'. Tu run as junit :
    • select source file and use keybord shortcut (Alt+Shit+X T)
      • source file have to be named with test class name and being in the 'right' directory (like in java)
      • I only test with annotation (see source of samples projects listed on wiki)
    • create JUnit Launch configuration


  • try to fix a issue (NPE) if default folders doesn't exist



  • I fork the m2eclipse-scala project from sonatype and add the following feature
  • remove of scala-library, scala-compiler, scala-dbc, scala-swing from "Maven Dependencies" Container (under eclipse only)
  • re-order JRE Container and Scala Container (to avoid scala.ScalaObject NotFound and C° when use "Run As Scala Application")
  • add catalog
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