Generate GraalVM native images with Clojure Deps and CLI tools
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Build GraalVM native images using Clojure Deps and CLI tools.

This should be useful for creating lightweight, native CLI executables using Clojure and deps.edn. See clj.native-cli for a starter project template.

This project depends on tools.deps.alpha and should be considered alpha itself.



Assuming a project structure like this (or see example):

├── deps.edn
└── src
    └── core.clj

In your deps.edn specify an alias with a dependency on clj.native-image:

{:aliases {:native-image
           {:main-opts ["-m clj.native-image core"
             {:git/url ""
              :sha "d97f25aa153e0f94139f5d03e60a345151815d4d"}}}}
 :jvm-opts [""]}

Where core.clj is a class with -main entrypoint, for example:

(ns core
(defn -main [& args]
  (println "Hello, World!"))

From your project directory, invoke clojure with the native-image alias, specifying the main namespace (core in example above):

➜ clojure -A:native-image
Loading core
Compiling core
Building native image 'core' with classpath 'classes:src:etc.'

   classlist:   1,944.26 ms
     [total]:  38,970.37 ms

Note: Either GRAALVM_HOME environment variable must be set, or GraalVM's native-image path must be passed as an argument, and any additional arguments will be passed to native-image e.g.:

➜ clojure -A:native-image --verbose

You can now execute the native image:

➜ ./core
Hello, World!

See this Gist for another example.


The --no-server flag is passed to native-image by default, to avoid creating orphaned build servers.


GraalVM Native Image AOT Compilation

This project was inspired by depstar.


You'll need Clojure CLI tooling and GraalVM installed to test locally. Just change the source of the clj.native-image dependency to a :local/root instead of :git/url.

Issues, PRs, and suggestions are welcome!


Copyright © 2018 Taylor Wood.

Distributed under the MIT License.