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SSH Session Manager
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redial is a simple shell application that manages your SSH sessions.




Stable Version

Installing via pip

We recommend installing redial via pip:

pip3 install redial

Latest Version

Installing from Git

You can install the latest version from Git:

pip3 install git+


Dockerfile is provided.

Build Dockerfile:

docker build -t redial .

Run redial in Docker Container

docker run -it --rm redial:latest redial


  • Manage your connections in folders/groups
  • Open a file manager to your remote host (Midnight Commander should be installed)
  • Edit/Move/Delete connection
  • Copy SSH Key to remote host

More features coming soon..

Connect to SSH Session (ENTER)

Press ENTER to connect a SSH session.


Add Folder (F6)

Press F6 or click F6 New Folder to add a folder. There must be at least one connection under the folder.


Add Connection (F7)

Press F7 or click F7 New Conn. to add a ssh connection.


Browse over mc (F5)

Press F5 or click F5 Browse to open mc (Midnight Commander) session.


Remove Connection (F8)

Press F8 or click F8 Remove to remove a session.


Edit Connection (F9)

Press F9 or click F9 Edit to edit a session.


Move sessions and folders

Press CTRL and up/down keys to move session or folder. For macOS users: Use ALT and up/down keys.



Configuration file is stored in ~/.config/redial/sessions. File format is same as the SSH config file. Configuration file can be included in SSH config file with the following way (Make sure that ~/.ssh/config file exists):

sed -i -e '1iInclude ~/.config/redial/sessions' ~/.ssh/config


  • Linux
  • macOS

Windows is currently not supported.


redial is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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