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docker image for apache2 webdav in alpine linux
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minimal apache2/webdav vsftpd dockerimage with alpine linux

This image provides apache webdav ans vsftpd serving with just 20MB (uncompressed). It's build to be customizable and for multiple shares.

Each share is defined with an alias.

You can create a test container with the test/docker-compose.yml file. Just checkout the code and run docker-compose up in the test folder. After that you can connect to https://localhost:8443/testuser with the user/pwd testuser/testuser.

This image is in docker hub under you can pull it with docker pull alpine-apache2-webdav:latest.


Here is a example docker-compose.yml file to configure the service, adapt it to your own settings. SSL is optional but almost mandatory for real world usage.

  image: yvess/alpine-apache2-webdav:0.1
  hostname: apache2
    - SERVER_NAME=myserver
    - SSL=YES
    - SSL_KEY=/path_to_key/ssl.key
    - SSL_CERT=/path_to_cert/ssl.crt
    - WWW_DATA_UID=33 # optional
    - WWW_DATA_GID=33 # optional
    - /local_path_to_key/ssl.key:/path_to_key.key
    - /local_path_to_cert/ssl.crt:/path_to_cert.crt
    - ./davshares:/etc/apache2/davshares
    - ./your_path/auth:/etc/auth
    - /your_path/your_dir:/var/www/testuser
    - ""
    - ""
    - ""
    - ""

The WWW_DATA_UID and WWW_DATA_GID env vars are optional and set so that it matches the ubuntu default of 33 for the www-data user/group. You need to change this, to match the uid/gid for your share mounts, otherwise the user www-data can't write into your share.

example share conf

You can have multiple shares in the folder davshares (can be changed).

The share file testuser.conf in davshares looks like this.

Alias /testuser "/var/www/testuser"
<Directory "/var/www/testuser">
    Include /etc/apache2/webdav_defaults.conf
    AuthUserFile "/etc/auth/apache2/testuser/users.passwd"

Also mount the shares dir and auth files into the container.

    - ./testuser:/var/www/testuser

Inside the container you can create password files and share files with following command.

$ -h
usage: [-w] [-f] [-s sharename] username] | [-h]
$ testuser

The usernmae:password testuser:testuser is used for testing.

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