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TYPO3 Extension to show subheader field for text,textpic,html,image in BE
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====================================== Subheader field for text,textpic,html,image in BE

What does it do?

Show subheader field in BE for Ctype: text,textpic,image (css_styled_content) and textmedia (fluid_styled_content) and html (both).

Before TYPO3 8 this was done using extTables.php, which is depreciated in TYPO3 8.

More in German:

See here:

What does it not do?

This only makes subheader field visible in TYPO3 Backend, it does not add some rendering. Rendering is handled via css_styled_content

Link to Extension Repository


v 0.0.2: added CType textmedia

Tested in YPO3 7 LTS only

I tested this in TYPO3 7 LTS, not in TYPO3 8, but I should work.


zip this extension for repro

zip -r ../ *
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