A Mac application for democratic handling of music at parties, using libspotify.
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A Mac application for democratic handling of music at parties, using libspotify. This is not an official Spotify project!


The current release is available at http://klaud.tazj.in/QUhq

Please file all issues you find here in Github or - if you don't have a Github account - send them to dev@tazj.in

Have fun!

User guide

When you start Democrify it is initialized with an empty play queue. You can load new tracks into the queue either through the webinterface (host:8686) or through the playlist loading function (in the menubar on the host machine).

Everybody who is connected to the same network can then access the web interface at host:8686, an admin interface is available at /admin but it is only accessible from the host computer itself.

There are other functions like Skip, Pause and Empty Queue which are integrated as options in the menu bar icon's dropdown list.


Building this project should be pretty straightforward.

  1. Make sure you have CocoaLibSpotify.framework sitting in /Library/Frameworks

  2. Get an appkey.c file from Spotify and place it in the folder with the other Democrify source files (don't add it to the Xcode project!)

  3. Install the Haskell Platform (64 Bit, tested GHC version is 7.4.2), then cd into the democrify/Democrify directory and run cabal install --only-dependencies. Do not try to build and install using cabal, it is only used for managing the Haskell dependencies!

  4. You should then just be able to build & run in Xcode!

More detailed instructions will follow :)


Please note that this project contains a lot of Haskell code that is written in a way in which no Haskell code should ever be written. Please do not use this project as a guide on how to use Haskell! :D