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@tazjin tazjin released this Aug 15, 2018 · 11 commits to master since this release

This release of Kontemplate comes with the following improvements:

  • Value merging logic has been rewritten to be more explicit. This fixes a regression (#142 and #153) that occured in version 1.6.0.

    Please see #147 for implementation details.

    From now on the precedence of variable overrides will follow this precedence hierarchy (in ascending order):

    1. Default values in resource sets.
    2. Values imported from files (via import:)
    3. Global values in a cluster configuration
    4. Values set in a resource set's include-section
    5. Explicit values set on the CLI (--var)

    Thanks to @tommyJimmy87, @merlineus and @Artii for providing feedback on this change!

  • The template function default has been replaced with a new implementation that actually works in the absence of values, which previously caused an error in the templating engine due to the way it is configured. (#148)

    Thanks to @phillipj for contributing this change!

  • A new --kubectl command-line flag can be used to specify which kubectl executable should be invoked by Kontemplate (#145)

  • An issue preventing variables specified on the CLI from containing a =-character has been fixed. (#144)

  • Dependencies have been updated, which means that new template functions from sprig are now available. Please consult their changelog and function overview for more information.

Release binaries are signed with GPG key 66F505681DB8F43B which is verified on my Github profile. They are built repeatably and reproducibly using Nix.

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