Tool to generate documentation for Nix library functions
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This tool is (for now) a proof-of-concept to generate documentation for Nix library functions from the source files in nixpkgs/lib.

It uses rnix to parse Nix source files, which are then transformed into a DocBook representation of the function set.

Please see this Discourse thread for information on the documentation format and general discussion.

Check out this example of documentation generated for the strings.nix file.

Comment format

(Note: The parser for this is a quick hack, I don't want to spend time writing a better one before I know how it's supposed to work.)

Currently, identifiers are included in the documentation if they have a preceding comment in multiline syntax /* something */.

Two special line beginnings are recognised:

  • Example: Everything following this line will be assumed to be a verbatim usage example.
  • Type: This line will be interpreted as a faux type signature.

These will result in appropriate elements being inserted into the output.

Function arguments

Function arguments can be documented by prefixing them with a comment:

/* This function does the thing a number of times. */
myFunction =
    # The thing to do
    # How many times to do it
    n: doNTimes n thing

Caveats & TODOs

Please check the issues page.


This project requires a nightly Rust compiler build.