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(WIP) NixOS + ChromeOS = πŸ’–
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tazjin feat(image): Add initial Nix config to build LXC image
Adds Nix configuration that produces an output with two tarballs which
can be cleanly imported as an LXC image like so:

    lxc image import result/nixos-system-x86_64-linux.tar.gz result/nixos-system-x86_64-linux.tar.g z.root --alias nixini

Note that the init script of this container is located at `/init`, but
expected by LXC to be at `/sbin/init`. Containers must thus be
configured with `lxc config set $container raw.lxc lxc.init.cmd=/init`
to function.
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.gitignore docs: Add initial barebones README Dec 17, 2018
crostini-image.nix feat(image): Add initial Nix config to build LXC image Dec 17, 2018


This repository provides infrastructure for using NixOS as the Linux container inside Crostini.

More information coming here soon ...

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