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Hacked together to play with Gosu and to demonstrate at a Toronto Ruby Tech Talk
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IE6 Tower Defence

A simple tower defence game to explore the Gosu game development library with Ruby.


You are a web developer who'd job is to stop IE6 flaws from getting to the end user's browser. As a web developer, you are addicted to Apple Crack. Whenever you get rid of a flaw, you earn money which is translated to more Apple Crack which you can spend on Apple products to aide you in getting rid of IE6 flaws.

Good luck!

Getting Started

Make sure the dependencies are installed by running bundle.

Then you can proceed by executing ruby lib/ie6_tower_defense.rb.


This project was hacked together quickly and is not an example of good, clean, OO code. More so an example of what is possible with Gosu.

If you'd like to improve it, please fork and send me a pull request. I'd be happy to accept your improvements.

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