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An implementation of the File Transfer Protocol
C Makefile
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An implementation of the File Transfer Protocol:

                                        ||   User  ||    --------
                                        ||Interface|<--->| User |
                                        |\----^----/|    --------
              ----------                |     |     |
              |/------\|  FTP Commands  |/----V----\|
              ||Server|<---------------->|   User  ||
              ||  PI  ||   FTP Replies  ||    PI   ||
              |\--^---/|                |\----^----/|
              |   |    |                |     |     |
  --------    |/--V---\|      Data      |/----V----\|    --------
  | File |<--->|Server|<---------------->|  User   |<--->| File |
  |System|    || DTP  ||   Connection   ||   DTP   ||    |System|
  --------    |\------/|                |\---------/|    --------
              ----------                -------------

              Server-FTP                   USER-FTP

To Build

Simply clone this repository and use the Makefile to build

git clone && cd FTP && make

You'll end up with two executables, namely server and client

To Run

First run the server using the server executable. The default listening port is 4444 but the -p flag can be used to specify a different port. Make sure your firewall's rules don't conflict with the server's configuration.

Then connect a client by invoking the client executable. The -i and -p flags can be used to specify the server's IP address and port number respectively. Note that the client will connect to port 4444 by default, but should be configured to match the server.

You'll then be greeted with a tty, at which point you can enter help to view the available commands


[machine1@] $./server -p 4445 #Run server on machine1 listening on port 4445 [machine2@] $./client -i -p 4445 #Connect to port 4445 on machine1

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