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A search engine for the Wikipedia corpus
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A search engine for the Wikipedia corpus


  1. Parser - Parses the most recent Wikipedia data dump & extracts the text from each article
  • After pulling the Wikipedia data dump (~50 GB uncompressed), the parser extracts and saves each article to disk. The name of the file that contains an article is the hex-encoded title of the article.
  1. Indexer - Builds an inverted index and computes the frequency of each token in every article. The tokenization process includes...
  • Casefolding
  • Stop Word Removal
  • Stemming (PorterStemmer)
  1. Search Ranker - Maps the search query along with each article to a k-dimensional vector space where k is the number of unique tokens in the corpus. In this mapping the i^th component of each vector is the tf-idf score of token i. Documents are then ranked with respect to their cosine similarity to the search query.
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