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A command line tool to generate the null hypothesis distributions for the Ellison-Glaeser index. This is a modernization of the command line tool released with Cassey and Smith (2014).


The user specifies to simulate combinations of 20 and 30 plants per industry:

./CasseySmith 20 30

The user specifies critical values:

./CasseySmith 20 30 --criticalValues 0.05 0.95

The user specifies specific sigma values:

./CasseySmith 20 30 --criticalValues 0.05 0.95 --sigma 1.0 1.5

The user specifies a text file containing state population weights:

./CasseySmith 20 30 --criticalValues 0.05 0.95 --sigma 1.0 1.5 --states statefile.txt

This tool is built using CasseySmithCV package. However, it does not require the installation of python. Pre-packaged builds of the software for Windows and macOS are available in the releases section.

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