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ES6-Workshop with Webpack and Jasmine
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#ES6-Workshop with Webpack and Jasmine

##Welcome Welcome to this ES6 workshop. Our goal is to help everyone make strides towards learning the newest ES6 syntax, and how to use the latest constructs in JavaScript.

This repo is meant to be used in parallel with a lecture style presentation of the new features.

##Your Goals This repo is full of failing tests. The only way to get them to pass it by using your newly acquired knowledge of ES6 and all of the new features that are part of this latest release. For each test, you will need to write/rewrite to code using the latest ES6 syntax. Once all of your tests pass, you will want to move onto the next section.

By the time that the workshop is over, all of your tests will be passing.

##How To Get Started

###Clone the repo You will need to start by cloning this repo. From your terminal, type:

git clone && cd es6-workshop

###Node Version Manager This repository should be run with node ^0.12, you can check node version with node -v. I recommend using Node Version Manager that interprets .nvmrc included in repo.

###Install Dependencies Once you have cloned the repo, in need to install the local dependencies. From your terminal, type:

npm i

#How To Run Tests Once you have everything installed, you are ready to run some tests. There are two directories with tests in them: spec and spec-final. The spec-final directory is like a cheat sheet. All of the tests contain the required ES6 code to make the tests pass. You will need to edit the tests in the spec directory, and make the tests pass.

To run the tests, in your terminal run:

npm test

This will execute the tests in the spec directory. Currently all of these tests are disabled, because I have changed the it() statement to fit(), which will skip that test. Your jobs it to one-by-one turn each test back on and get the test to pass, by writing the required ES6 code. Once you have written the required code, the tests will pass, and you can move onto the next test.

#Thanks Thank you Aaron Frost for aaronfrost/ES6-Workshop that this repository is based on.

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