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-= Archetype
+= Inherited Resources Archetypes
-Archetype is a tool to support archetype-based apprach to share controllers and views behaviours.
-It can help you to manage controllers and views code with reuse in mind.
+This gem is a set of helpers to support archetype-based apprach
+to share controllers and views behaviours with Inherited Resources.
= Installation
Add do Gemfile
- gem 'archetype_helpers', :git => 'git://'
+ gem 'archetype', :git => 'git://'
+ gem 'inherited_resources_archetypes', :git => 'git://'
= Usage
Create an initializer with following code:
Archetype::Base.register_archetype :crud do
+ append_view_path"archetype/crud")
+ append_view_path"archetype/crud")
- append_view_path"archetype/crud")
- include Helpers::InheritedResources::OnUpdateSuccessRedirectToEdit
- include Helpers::InheritedResources::OnCreateSuccessRedirectToEdit
- include Helpers::PerPage
+ include Archetype::Helpers::InheritedResources
+ include Archetype::Helpers::InheritedResources::OnUpdateSuccessRedirectToEdit
+ include Archetype::Helpers::InheritedResources::OnCreateSuccessRedirectToEdit
-Now you can define your controller, for example:
+Now you can define your controller to use 'crud' archetype like this:
class UsersController < ApplicationController
archetype :crud
-The action templates for the action will be taked from "views/archetype/crud".
-Archetype comes with a default set of vies for 'crud' archetype, so unless
-you want to overwrite those, all you have to do is define partials like those:
- _form.html.erb
- _list.html.erb
- _list_item.erb
+ * implement 5-7 archetypes & views
+ * document archetypes + ilustrate them with pictures
+ * publish some example Rails engines that use archetypes
Copyright (c) 2011 Tomasz Bąk, released under the MIT license
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