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irssi-strava is an irssi-tcl script that allows showing Strava activities to IRC channels.

It periodically polls a Strava club for new activities. For each activity it has not seen before, it outputs information about the activity to the configured channel(s).

It also has a trigger in channels, .leaderboard, to output the top athletes in a club for various metrics.


To use the script you need to install the irssi-tcl Irssi module.

Afterwards, copy strava.conf.example to ~/.irssi/strava.conf, and edit it. You must set at least oauth_token, club_id, announce_server, and announce_channel.

To get an oauth_token, see the Strava API documentation. Choose Create & Manage Your App. After you create an app, you'll see "Your Access Token". Use that for oauth_token.

To know the club_id to use, go to the club's page. Hovering over several of the links will show a number such as 79240 as part of the links. This is the club_id. Alternatively, there is an API request to list the clubs an athlete is a member of.

announce_server and announce_channel are comma separated lists of servers and corresponding channels to output to.

Place strava.tcl in ~/.irssi/tcl and add it to ~/.irssi/tcl/scripts.conf. Then load or reload the irssi-tcl module (/unload tcl then /load tcl).

You should see activities start to appear as new ones are added. Note the script will note the most recent activity when it is first loaded, and not output any activities until a new one (after the script was loaded) appears. This is to avoid large amounts of repetitive output each time you load the script.

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