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#SpheroProject WEEK 1

Starting to get my environment set up. Attempted to run the BasicDriveApp solution, but I needed to download and install Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone tools in order to do so. Just got them installed and I'm ready to run the test app. I'll use a similar setup to the BasicDriveApp and add my own functionality for "PomoSphero." WEEK 2

Started a basic timer that is fired from the 'up' key in the UI. It waits for one second and then turns Sphero red. Plan is to set continuous intervals that decrement the color until it is all the way red. At that time, Sphero will vibrate. Plans for next week include building my own user interface that allows user to select time. Also, plan to let users reset the timer on a collision. This will allow users to reset their PomoSphero without going to the UI. WEEK 3

Colors are fading! Need to decide what is the appropriate time and intervals to fade WEEK 4

Basic clean-up of app. Fixing UI, working PomoSphero :)

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