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Netlify Status

Personal Website Based on Eleventy Netlify Boilerplate

What is it?

A simple template for building a fast, static website using the Eleventy static site generator, with Netlify CMS baked-in, ready to deploy to Netlify in a couple of clicks.

Use it as a starter for your own projects or as an easy way to get started building websites with Eleventy.

Based on the Eleventy Base Blog repo (see there for additional info on Eleventy usage).

🔥 This project is featured on Netlify's official template showcase 🔥

Local development

1. Clone this repository:

git clone my-blog-name

2. Navigate to the directory

cd my-blog-name

Specifically have a look at .eleventy.js to see if you want to configure any Eleventy options differently.

3. Install dependencies

npm install

4. Edit _data/metadata.json

This file contains your site title and author details.

5. Run Eleventy (builds the site)

npx eleventy

Or build automatically when a template changes:

npx eleventy --watch

Or in debug mode:

DEBUG=* npx eleventy

Or to start up a hot-reloading local web server:

npx eleventy --serve

Bug reports, feature requests, etc

This is an ongoing project and I welcome contributions. Feel free to submit a PR.

If you need any help with setting up Netlify CMS, you can reach out to the Netlify team in the Netlify CMS Gitter.