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Spectral-bot is a GitHub based pull request bot that lints your OpenAPI Specification (2 or 3) documents or any JSON object. It uses the Probot framework and uses Spectral for linting.

Getting Started (Running on Glitch, adapted from Probot docs)

To get your own Glitch-hosted Probot up-and-running, follow these steps. If you need more detail, the Probot Docs are a great place to go to learn more.

  1. Configure a new app on GitHub with the files from this project.

    • Hit the "Show" button on the top left of this page to find the URL. It will look something like, except the domain will be specific to your app.
    • For the Webhook URL, use this URL (again, updating the domain to match yours): Notice that we left off the /probot.
    • For the Webhook Secret, just use "development". until Step 4.
    • Save your changes.
    • On the Permissions & webhooks tab, add read and write permissions for Pull requests, read permissions for Repository contents, and read permissions for Repository metadata.
    • On the Permissions & webhooks tab, subscribe to Pull request events.
    • Save your changes.
    • On the configuration page that comes up after saving, download your private key. It will be saved into a file named my-app-name.2018-06-20.private-key.pem, with your app name, and today's date.
  2. Click the Install tab, and install your app into one of your repositories.

  3. Click the New File button (at left) and type .data/private-key.pem. Then click Add File. Open a terminal, and from your download folder run cat my-app-name.2018-06-20.private-key.pem | pbcopy (except using your app's name and today's date). In the new file in Glitch, paste the contents of the clipboard.

  4. Edit the .env file (at left) with your app credentials.

    • APP_ID can be found in the About section of your Github app.
    • WEBHOOK_SECRET is the value you generated in Step 2.
    • PRIVATE_KEY_PATH= should be set to .data/private-key.pem.
    • NODE_ENV= should be set to production.
  5. Wait for app to load. A green Live label should show up next to the Show button when it's finished loading.

  6. Add a .github/config.yml file to the master branch of repository you installed the bot in with the name of the specification that you want watched. (Note: Right now, speccy-bot only supports one specification per repo.)

  - spec.yml
  1. You can now test it out the app in a repository it is installed in.