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persistence #1

tbaugis opened this Issue Aug 19, 2010 · 2 comments

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tbaugis commented Aug 19, 2010

have to decide how to treat trophies after an app has been removed (or has not yet been installed). as we are depending on the xml file to be there for now.
the probably sanest thing to do would be caching the trophy files in the user's profile, and updating on source update but not removing on source removal. this way we can always tell you were were you. and also, since the app icon is gone, we can mark an app as gone, which is kind of interesting

patrys commented Aug 19, 2010

With the app goes the desktop file so we are no longer able to name the app. We also lose the i18n data. I'd say keep the trophies in db in case user reinstalls but hide them from the UI (so basically only show trophies we have an XML file for).

tbaugis commented Aug 19, 2010

ooh, did not think of that, could perhaps differentiate the trophies of the uninstalled apps then.
as in - we can calculate rank and tell how many trophies you have and we should be also able to tell how many of those trophies come from the apps gone (50 trophies, 13 uninstalled or something)

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