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A Gnome achievement service


  • The main idea is to enable user to explore the features of the application.
  • We don’t care about the security – the simpler the fake, the more boring it actually is
  • Apps register available achievements by copying an XML configuration file into a predefined location – that allows the exploration to happen via the achievement viewer and also it deals with localization
  • Updates to achievements are performed via D-BUS calls that are also available in a wrapped form (currently just python)
  • Trophy system does it’s best to assist with state storage – counters, flags and such so that the app does not have to save trophy-related states itself.
  • Fun is as important as the function

The plan

  • the basic service and rudimentary trophy browsing is there
  • finished brainstorming trophies for our first guinea pig – the project hamster
  • now going through the list and implementing them all – this is causing changes to service API.
  • writing guidelines in parallel
  • after hamster will be done, will pick another test project
  • expecting more changes and more guideline updates
  • fully flesh out the trophy browser
  • announce and beg for integration

The system

  • app defines trophies in an xml file that is then put in /usr/share/achievements – more about format
  • trophy system offers basic state management – getCounter, incrementCounter, decrementCounter to manage any states (and those happen on lengthier observations)
  • communication is happening via D-Bus, but they have been also wrapped in python
    from gnome_achievements.client import Storage; storage = Storage(); storage.get_trophies()
  • when user reaches target, app happily calls unlockAchievement(app, trophy_id).
  • Also, user can check all trophies available for hunt via the browser and through them go into app and explore the nice bits that there are to explore
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