An extension for Inkscape useful for extracting plottable data from SVG scatterplots.
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-------------------------- README --------------------------

This is an extension for Inkscape that adds an option for
writing to Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) files. These CSV
files do not represent the entire image, they only note
the x- and y-coordinates of each node in the SVG file.
It's mainly useful for taking plots that have been
vectorized and embedded in a and translating the vectorized
image to x,y values that can then be re-plotted
using a plotting library like Matplotlib or Matlab.

Portions of this extension were inspired by Bryan Hoyt's
PixelSnap and Aaron Spike's

----------------------- INSTALLATION -----------------------

To install the extension, and csv_output.inx
have to reside in Inkscape's extensions folder. You can copy
them into a local extension folder.
  Linux: ~/.config/inkscape/extensions/
  Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Inkscape\extensions\

If you do this, you may have to uncomment some lines in to ensure that the file can find

Another (easier) way to do this in Linux while still keeping
the extension easy to update is to create symbolic links.
  cd <folder containing and csv_output.inx>
  sudo ln -s ./ /usr/share/inkscape/extensions/
  sudo ln -s ./csv_output.inx /usr/share/inkscape/extensions/csv_output.inx

-------------------------- USAGE ---------------------------

Once installed, you can save CSV files through the Save As...
dialog box. Make sure the original SVG file is saved, however,
as there is no way to load the CSV file once saved.