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Multi-GPU Computing Benchmark Suite (CUDA)
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MGBench: Multi-GPU Computing Benchmark Suite

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This set of applications test the performance, bus speed, power efficiency and correctness of a multi-GPU node.

It is comprised of Level-0 tests (diagnostic utilities), Level-1 tests (microbenchmarks), and Level-2 tests (micro-applications).


CMake 2.8 or higher.

CUDA 7.0 or higher. If not installed in the default path, make sure to set the CUDA_BIN_PATH environment variable to the CUDA root directory (e.g. /usr/local/cuda-7.0).


To build, execute the included script. Alternatively, create a 'build' directory and run cmake .. within, followed by make.

To run the tests, execute the included script. The results will then be placed in the working directory.


A full list of the tests, their purpose, and command-line arguments can be found here.


MGBench is published under the New BSD license, see LICENSE.

Included Software and Licenses

The following dependencies are included within the repository for ease of compilation:

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