[CURRENTLY UNMAINTAINED] Integrates your GitHub project's wiki into your existing website.
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When developing one of my project, I wanted to make a website with my GitHub project's wiki integrated into it.

This tool is made to serve a GitHub's Gollum wikis. The final goal is to support all components of Gollum RedCarpet markdown syntax.

You can define a header and a footer, so the wiki will look as a part of your website.

This won't support editing, that's what Gollum is made for. This is simply to provide a way of integrating your GitHub project's wiki into your existing website.


First, install the package: npm install node-gollum

Then, clone your project's wiki: git clone https://github.com/your-user/your-project.wiki.git

Finally use it like this:

var gollum = require('node-gollum'),
    path = require('path');

var wikiDirectory = path.join(__dirname, 'your-project.wiki');

// directory, port
gollum(wikiDirectory, 3000);

Left to be done:

  • HTML header/footer support
  • support for multiple snippets languages