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  Thierry Bertin-Mahieux (2012) Columbia University

 C++ wrapper for the Million Song Dataset song files in HDF5.

 The core code is in and .h.
 The program hdf5_display shows all the field of a given HDF5 song file and
 acts as a demo on how to use the wrapper.

 To compile under Linux type 'make'.
 The libraries needed for this code are 'hdf5' and 'hdf5_cpp', available at:

 To use in your code you can:
  - (hacky) add source as part of your project
  - compile it as a library and link your project to it

  This code is distributed 'as is' without any guarantee whatsoever.
  Use at your own risk.
  The data in the Million Song Dataset is subject to licenses, read before
  you start using it, especially if you are not an academic researcher.
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