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Flash Card Decks for studying for the FCC Amateur Radio exams. Also included are the scripts I used to generate them from the original NCVEC Question Pool sources.

Inspired by the old mnemosyne decks posted by Kelly Martin:

Update: 2013-09-24: these decks are sadly no longer available for download

To use these XML decks you need Mnemosyne installed on your system. It's free, written in Python (so it runs on Windows/Mac OS X/Linux), and uses an algorithm to help you spend more time on the questions you really need to study.

The decks are in the "decks" folder. Those are the only things you need to import into Mnemosyne. Everything else is just what I used to generate them.

Generating the decks

Ok, generating the decks wasn't a 100% automated process.

The RNC XML DTD on the Mnemosyne site wanted to make every attribute a required one but that made validating new decks impossible. I modified the DTD to make the <item> attributes optional.

I deleted the header and footer content from the NCVEC question pools. Also, since the text files were Windows-1252 encoded (fancy hyphens and smart quotes) I had to convert them to plain ASCII. I used Libre Office for that. All of this was just to make the question pools easy to parse.

External Resources


A free sophisticated flash-card tool which optimizes your learning process.

ARRL Question Pools

The single place to go for the latest FCC question pools.

Additional Credits

My gratitude goes out to gwillen for helping me finish this project after 2 years of inactivity and finally getting the General and Extra class pools completed.


Flash Card Decks for studying for the FCC Amateur Radio exams




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