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I want to be able to parse strings containing french units (mentiond here , can you please support that?

tbielawa commented Dec 8, 2015

This is the most interesting request for enhancement that I've received to date, @walidsa3d. I'm thrilled!

I like this part the most of all, it makes my job easier:

Let's get one thing straight first, you're specifically requesting that in addition to the currently supported prefix units:

... that there will be companion octet classes, such as the NIST-octet (base 2) classes:

  • Kio
  • Eio
  • *io

... and the SI equivalents

  • ko
  • Eo
  • *o

Can you describe some use-cases for me? Such as what functionality you would want to interact with these units directly. Are you specifically looking to use the parse_string functionality? Honestly, I can't imagine why you'd want to code unusual units into any code, as far as sharing and comprehendability is concerned.

I'm not looking to reject this request, I only want to understand your use cases so I can better accommodate your request 👍

edited to fix the unit names in the list examples


Here is my use case : I was trying to convert human-readable strings like "1.5GB", "5MB" into bytes using parse_string. It worked until I stumbled on those french names: Mo instead of Mb, Go instead of Gb, Ko instead of Kb.

tbielawa commented Dec 8, 2015

Cool! I think to keep things simple, as I'm not too keen on the idea of adding 23 more classes for obscure units, I might implement it initially such that:

  • bitmath.parse_string("100Mio") would return a bitmath.MiB(100) instance
  • bitmath.parse_string("100ko") would return a bitmath.kB(100).
  • and so on...

I will write up some code later today after these meetings.

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tbielawa commented Dec 8, 2015

@walidsa3d please give this a review for me. Also, I've updated the parse_string docs to note the support for octets. Please give that a read over as well. It will appear here

once the docs rebuild.

@tbielawa tbielawa reopened this Dec 8, 2015

Thanks, it works like charm :)

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