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Enhancements Tracking and Backlog

Enhancement tracking repository for OKD.

Inspired by the Kubernetes enhancement process.

This repository provides a rally point to discuss, debate, and reach consensus for how OKD enhancements are introduced. OKD combines Kubernetes container orchestration services with a broad set of ecosystem components in order to provide an enterprise ready Kubernetes distribution built for extension. OKD assembles innovation across a wide array of repositories and upstream communities. Given the breadth of the distribution, it is useful to have a centralized place to describe OKD enhancements via an actionable design proposal.

Enhancements may take multiple releases to ultimately complete and thus provide the basis of a community roadmap. Enhancements may be filed from anyone in the community, but require consensus from domain specific project maintainers in order to implement and accept into the release.

For an overview of the whole project, see the roadmap. For a quick-start, FAQ, and template references, see the guidelines.

Is My Thing an Enhancement?

A rough heuristic for an enhancement is anything that:

  • impacts how a cluster is operated including addition or removal of significant capabilities
  • impacts upgrade/downgrade
  • needs significant effort to complete
  • requires consensus/code across multiple domains/repositories
  • has phases of maturity (Dev Preview, Tech Preview, GA)
  • demands formal documentation to utilize

It is unlikely to require an enhancement if it:

  • fixes a bug
  • adds more testing
  • internally refactors a code or component only visible to that components domain
  • minimal impact to distribution as a whole

If you are not sure if the proposed work requires an enhancement, file an issue and ask!

When to Create a New Enhancement

Create an enhancement here once you:

  • have circulated your idea to see if there is interest
  • (optionally) have done a prototype in your own fork
  • have identified people who agree to work on and maintain the enhancement
    • many enhancements will take several releases to complete

Why are Enhancements Tracked

As the project evolves, its important that the OKD community understands how we build, test, and document our work. Individually it is hard to understand how all parts of the system interact, but as a community we can lean on each other to build the right design and approach before getting too deep into an implementation.

When to Comment on an Enhancement Issue

Please comment on the enhancement issue to:

  • request a review or clarification on the process
  • update status of the enhancement effort
  • link to relevant issues in other repos

Please do not comment on the enhancement issue to:

  • discuss a detail of the design, code or docs. Use a linked-to-issue or design PR for that


Enhancements tracking repository for OKD




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