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Munin plugins for OpenShift
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OpenShift Munin Plugins

What's here?

A plugin suitable for charting interesting data about the number of gears running in your OpenShift environment.

This plugin creates a new group called OpenShift. There's only 1 plugin here now. If you're interested in contributing some more, then by all means submit a pull request!


Plugins are organized by name in the plugins directory of this git repository.

Example server configs

You may also find example munin server configurations in the plugin directories. Those files will have a server- prefix.

Plugin Configurations

As necessary, a plugin directory will have one or more *.conf files present for plugin configuration.


Any special or additional information about a plugin will be found in a file in its respective directory under plugins. Information you can expect to find in these files includes:

  • Plugin descriptions
  • Special installation instructions
  • Descriptions and references to example charts (perhaps in the charts directory) produced by this plugin


Allow me to quote them directly:

OpenShift Online is Red Hat's public cloud application development and hosting platform that automates the provisioning, management and scaling of applications so that you can focus on writing the code for your business, startup, or next big idea.

Check out if you want to try it out for free.

There's also an Enterprise Edition available for on-site deployment.

Getting Started

Standard Operating Procedure

On a host you want to gather data to make charts from:

  1. Copy the plugin to the appropriate directory (usually that's /usr/share/munin/plugins/, but YMMV)
  2. Link the plugin in /etc/munin/plugins: cd /etc/munin/plugins; ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/PLUGIN_NAME
  3. Install the appropriate plugin configuration file in /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d
  4. Restart the munin-node service

Special Instructions

Any special or unusual installation instructions will be documented in that plugins file.

Show me the charts

Example charts may be found in the charts directory. The file names are prefixed with the plugin name. That is to say: openshift_gears_present-node01 would be an example of the chart created by the openshift_gears_present plugin.

Gears Present Chart

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