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yet another docker image for Seafile
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Seafile Docker Image

Yet another attempt to write a docker image for seafile.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This image is still under heavy development! Running this docker image in production might badly break things (even whole data centres...)!


This image is created with the following in mind:

  • only run seafile/seahub in the container (services like mysql, ngnix etc. has to be run separately)
  • be able to only run seafile server or seahub in the container
  • be able to configure main settings with environment variables
  • write as little additional code as possible (e.g. use existing scripts from seafile and tools like crudini to edit config files)


For this docker image, I took inspiration from

To Do List

  • failure handling in (e.g. if seafile setup script fails)
  • add script to run garbage collector
  • run update scripts if necessary (none are run at the moment)
  • ability to configure (external) mysql
  • ability to configure Collabora and Onlyoffice
  • ability to set SMTP settings
  • ability to set uid/gid of seafile files (incl. uploaded user files)
  • push image to Docker Hub
  • ... (you tell me...)


Coming soon?

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