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Akt is a small library that simplifies the task of passing data from views to event handlers. Its aim is to experiment with the concept of "event selectors" and to make data transfer (from HTML attributes to JS) intuitive. It makes use of Michael Best's JavaScript Object Literal Parser ( and has no explicit dependencies.


Include the akt.js script in your project.

<script src="js/akt.js"></script>

Use the data-akt-s attribute to specify an event selector and the data-akt-d attribute to specify the data you'd like to pass to associated event handlers.

<button data-akt-s="the-btn" data-akt-d="name: 'george', num: 22">

Use Akt's on method to bind an event handler to a selector-event pair.

  Akt.on('the-btn', 'click', function(e, data) {
    alert("NAME: " +; 
    alert("NUMBER: " + data.num); 

You have access to both the associated event and data within the callback function.

Event Selector

The HTML class and id attributes serve many purposes, and this makes them quite powerful. That said, it also means that they are susceptible to change. Suppose a team member decides to adopt the BEM philosophy (which requires an overhaul of class attributes application wide). Should such a change mandate a review of existing handler binding? Probably not. The event selector is one approach to avoiding this type of conundrum. Rather than using a class or id when binding event handlers to the DOM, we use a special data attribute—an attribute that has a single concern and responsibility.


akt.js simplifies the task of passing data from server-rendered HTML views to event handlers in JavaScript.






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